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Changing with the seasons

Reflections on 2018; welcoming in the new year

As 2018 comes to a close, we reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. During the lead up to the holiday season, Engineering at Sea will be sharing daily posts that highlight significant moments and successes in the maritime industry this year and expectations for 2019. So, what can you look forward to?

This time last year, Engineering at Sea began an advent campaign to celebrate the holiday season and spread some festive cheer among the maritime community. With the holidays approaching again, we are ready with a whole new series of social media posts, articles, and a maritime quiz that will appear on our hub. Here you can test how up to date you are with the maritime industry and find out what’s happened over the course of 2018.

Looking back and moving forward

In the run up to December 24th, we will be highlighting significant moments in the industry from the past year and successes in areas such as digitization, green shipping practices, and market growth. The rapid development of digital technology and drive towards better environmental standards make for an end-of-year roundup that the maritime sector can look back on with pride.

As always when getting ready for the new year, thoughts turn to the future and what to hope for and expect. The maritime industry is undergoing some major changes at this time, with updates to regulations and the 2020 global sulfur limit on the horizon. One thing to expect from Engineering at Sea next year is a new category on our hub that will deal with regulatory changes and how to cope with them. A major focus being the Ballast Water Management Convention which is putting increased pressure on ship operators. During the course of this seasonal campaign, we will be posting some of our predictions and changes we would like to see for 2019—but we also want to hear from you. Keep an eye out for surveys on Twitter and questions on LinkedIn which you can respond to in the comment sections.

We look forward to sharing highlights from the year and forecasts for the future with interactive and festive content, too!

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