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Sustainable Business
Clean Power: Ammonia

Given its storage requirements, hydrogen may not be a feasible option for intercontinental shipping. Ammonia, on the other hand, might prove a more practical solution; either way, shipping appears to be considering it.

Sustainable Business
Bio-LNG: waste, and potential

What if shipping could not only eliminate its carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels by 2050, but actually make a positive contribution to the climate – and all without retrofitting a thing? Bio-LNG might be worth a look.

Sustainable Business
Methanol: the green all-rounder?

Burned in an engine, methanol would not eliminate CO2 emissions from shipping; but by adopting it, maritime could drag more than one industry into a zero-carbon paradigm

CCS: Taking out the trash

In part three of our carbon capture and storage (CCS) series, Engineering At Sea examines the new types of ship which will be used to carry CO2 to where it can be stored and re-used

Engineering Practice
Tried, tested – and fine-tuned

With variable geometry and the ability to alter their profile after the fact, SKF Vibracon helps operators perform preventative maintenance quickly and cheaply, without replacing anything – even while still at sea

Boxships’ biggest newbuild spree in 10 years

A number of factors have coalesced to bring about a huge short-term spike in container rates – but will the newbuilding frenzy be justified?

Marine News
Euronav tankers to be ammonia-ready

Euronav’s new tankers could run on a dual-fuel ammonia mixture, but could fall back on LNG if needed, the company says