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In Focus
17 goals for a brighter future

As part of its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations has defined 17 goals to improve life on earth and tackle climate change. The IMO works to support these Sustainable Development Goals in the maritime industry and to protect our oceans.

Green Technology
Improving time management

Just in time arrival could make a familiar sight—ships queuing outside of the world’s ports—a thing of the past, reducing marine industry emissions in the process. But to make it a reality, the marine industry has some catching up to do. Here’s a look at the technology that could change the way ships come to port.

Ship shape for the future?

Could the ship of the future weigh anchor sooner than expected? We examine how recent disruptions, as well as changing attitudes could incentivize manufacturers to develop new strategies to earn their market share. This article also reveals catalysts for change and details what we can expect to see in the coming years.

Engineering Practice
Healthy maritime partnerships

Managing a fleet of vessels is a matter of negotiating shifting regulations and getting jobs done on a budget. Forging maintenance partnerships is an increasingly popular method for ship managers to reduce complexity and ease budgetary constraints through better planning,

Marine News
What’s in a flag?

Nearly 40% of all ships are flagged in the top three registries. But how does size stack up against safety, efficiency, and environmental standards?