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Engineering at Sea: The top 5

The content hub’s most popular articles of 2016

2016 saw the launch of our marine news content hub, which kept you informed of all the latest developments from the maritime industry. Around 100 days on from its debut, let’s take a look back over some of its highlights. Here are the top five articles from Engineering at Sea:

1. Compliance on autopilot

Penalties for breaking environmental laws at sea are tougher than ever. Failure to comply can result in fines amounting to millions of euros. A new monitoring system is here to help shipowners avoid such consequences.

2. Ship uptime, ahoy!

Predictive maintenance is on the rise. In this article, industry expert Martin Johannsman explains why—and what it means for shipowners.

3. Keeping it steady

Stabilizers are integral to shipping; they keep vessels level in rough seas. Removing a damaged one usually involves stopping at a dry dock. But in a world first, SKF performed this task on a ship that was still at sea. Find out how.

4. Walking the tightrope

Poorly maintained wire rope can cause accidents and cost shipping companies huge amounts of money. Find out how the right lubrication keeps ropes in working order and prevents negative consequences.

5. Stormy waters

The shipping industry is in crisis and the market is consolidating. In the first part of our “Maritime trends” series, Martin Johannsman explains how shipowners and suppliers can adapt to these times of change.