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Fit-out for the future

Two overhauls, one OEM service partner

To keep vessels fitted out with up-to-date equipment, it’s sometimes necessary to perform an overhaul. Wanting to move to newer technology, a Danish shipowner called on an OEM service team for a fin stabilizer modification and a customized sterntube solution.

Built in 1992, MS Crown Seaways is a passenger vessel that belongs to DFDS Seaways, a leading cruise and ferry company in Northern Europe. Operating on the Copenhagen–Oslo route, the vessel connects two major Scandinavian capitals. As a cruiseferry, it offers extensive onboard facilities for passengers.

With a regular, scheduled dry docking approaching, shipowners DFDS saw an ideal opportunity to carry out an overhaul on some key components of MS Crown Seaways. The existing Simplex sterntube seals had been performing reliably for a significant length of time. However, it was now time to update them to the newer generation of sealing technology.

Vessel details

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Sealed and delivered—a tailored solution

When overhauling sterntube seals, in some specific cases the propeller shafts have to be removed and dismantled. However, this can be a demanding task that requires extended dry docking time. And the longer the vessel is in dry dock, the higher the resulting costs. To minimize project-related risks, DFDS approached the OEM service provider SKF Marine.

Thanks to the split design of the Simplex seals, the housing parts, liner, and seal rings could be exchanged without extracting the propeller shaft. This saved time in the operation. The service team’s familiarity with the application also proved beneficial during the overhaul. As there was not enough space between the vessel’s sterntube and propeller, a custom aft seal was required. To solve this issue, SKF Marine tailored a shortened version of the Simplex SC3 aft split shaft seal to meet the shipowner’s needs. Compatible with both mineral oils and EALs, the new seals are longer lasting and easier to maintain than the previous generation.

OEMs—the reliable choice for overhauls

In addition to the new SC3 seals, SKF Marine also overhauled the vessel’s fin stabilizers, modifying the crux bearing lubrication system. By having the two overhaul jobs performed at the same time, DFDS reduced time spent in the dry docks. Moreover, thanks to the OEM partner’s existing knowledge of the vessel and its shaft components, the project ran smoothly and without a hitch.

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