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Sailing on the safe side

Why you should choose OEM replacement parts

Shipowners and operators are under pressure to reduce costs. As a result, some choose to source spare parts from third-party providers. But this is a risk. This article covers two specific examples of how OEM replacement parts help keep you on the safe side.

The market for replacement parts is becoming more competitive. An increasing number of providers are offering replica parts at reduced costs. However, these providers — sometimes dubbed ‘pirates’ or ‘gray market suppliers’ — cannot offer the same approvals and guarantees that come with genuine parts from OEMs. This greatly increases the severity of the consequences if something goes wrong.

The seal of approval

Take sealing systems for example. To gain type approval — confirmation that an item meets the required specifications — all products and components are inspected by an independent body, e.g. a classification society. However, a system can only be approved if all its parts are original. If a ship operator sources a replacement part, such as a sterntube sealing ring, from a provider other than the OEM, they are at risk of losing their type approval. The OEM can no longer assure the safe operation of the system.

This causes several risks. For instance, if there is a leakage, the ship operator will be liable for any pollution caused. Such an incident can quickly lead to large fines — potentially amounting to millions of dollars. Furthermore, insurance companies may not cover the cost of damages if they find that the sealing system is not type approved.

With oily water separators, there is a slight difference. These systems are subject to the MARPOL convention, set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Here, the risks of non-compliance are even higher. If a random port state control (PSC) inspection finds that non-approved parts are used in the system, it is deemed to be “willful manipulation”. The penalties for this are severe and, depending on the flag state, could result in fines and detainment.

Gain peace of mind

Ultimately, the best way to gain peace of mind is to source your replacement parts from the OEM itself. This not only guarantees compliance with the type approval specifications and reduces the risk of penalties, but also ensures the quality and reliability of your parts. With genuine spare parts, you are sailing on the safe side.

Compliance checks made quick and easy

The Turbulo TMPB oily water separator is approved by the IMO. The type approval stipulates that certain parts of this system, including the coalescer and hydrocarbon separator elements, must be original. If you need to check the validity of your Turbulo parts, visit www.turbulo.com. Simply enter the 12-digit code found on your components and the site will instantly send you an email confirming whether or not your part is genuine.

For more details on the requirements, visit: http://bit.ly/2jUGlQb