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An all-in-one shipbuilding solution

Sterntube installation in eight hours

A new shipbuilding contract arrives and it is time for the quality work to begin. But the clock is ticking. Here is how turnkey sterntube solutions can help.

Implementing the sterntube is a particularly critical moment in the shipbuilding process. Any lapse can easily have an impact on the entire schedule, jeopardizing the deadline and putting the shipyard at risk of penalties.

With a patented solution such as Simplex FlexiTube, the whole sterntube can be simply and safely installed in the ship. After alignment, it is precisely cast in synthetic resin. That means the shipbuilder no longer has to drill or press-fit the bushes, reducing the risk of error.

Stress-free installation

A flexible connecting ring at the front end enables the sterntube to be installed with axial flexibility and therefore without tension. Shipbuilders benefit from safer, more reliable installation and gain considerable time. They simply install and align a complete sterntube—within as little as eight hours.

The connecting ring gives the shipyard increased flexibility in tolerances for the distance between the two bosses. When in operation, any deformation due to thermal expansion is absorbed. This risk should not be underestimated: For example, if the oil temperature increases by 30 degrees Celsius, a ten-meter-long sterntube can easily expand by four millimeters. And this can lead to stress cracks and other damages.

In order to make a tailored, turnkey solution, a customer simply needs to provide the type of hull, length of the sterntube, and diameter of the propeller shaft. Solutions can be produced for vessels of all types and sizes, even those with two shaft struts. They are approved by the major classification societies and can also be used in very specific scenarios, such as ships with especially flat hulls. Even external variations up to 35 meters in length and with up to three bearings are available and have been operating successfully for many years.

For shipping companies, this means reduced oil consumption and lower maintenance effort, and there is barely any wear on the bearings. In addition, the FlexiTube comes with temperature sensors that can be easily replaced in case of malfunction from within the engine room. The out-of-the-box solution has already proven its value in over 1,000 vessels.

Shipbuilders benefit from safer, more reliable installation and gain considerable time.

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