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The next wave of talent

5 tips for attracting young engineers

The maritime industry is steeped in tradition, and many of its jobs require considerable experience and expertise. But with a growing proportion of senior engineers nearing retirement, shipping companies are coming under increasing pressure to attract new talent. Here are five tips to encourage young people to set sail on a dynamic career.

1. Embrace the latest technologies

Today’s younger generations are used to using advanced technology in all parts of their lives. They are more drawn to industries and companies that they perceive as innovative and forward-thinking. While the maritime industry’s rich history is attractive to some, it also contributes to giving shipping companies a “low-tech” image compared to IT for example. It is therefore important to capitalize on new technology and offer new recruits the freedom to innovate.

2. Increase awareness

The reason why the maritime industry struggles with an image problem can be attributed to a lack of knowledge. Many talented young people are not well informed about what a career at sea involves. This means the industry rarely crosses the minds of students and graduates. To change this, shipping companies need to build awareness of their trade through communication, events, and initiatives targeted at under 25s.

3. Offer training courses

It is vital to engage potential employees at an early age. Employers can entice the young generations to shipping by offering them the opportunity to develop new skills. Forging partnerships with education institutions to provide work-based training and apprenticeships is one of the most effective ways to address the shortage of young, qualified recruits.

4. Explain the advantages

A career in the maritime industry has a lot to offer. But few industry outsiders are aware of this. While working aboard a ship can be demanding, it also offers excitement, adventure, and a decent wage. Shipping companies need to do more to promote the benefits. One option is to publish authentic testimonials from young employees, detailing their experience.

5. Nurture a green image

Young people are increasingly conscious about sustainability. Studies have shown that around 80 percent of 13–25-year-olds want to work for companies that care about their impact on the environment. The maritime industry is doing a lot to reduce its footprint, and technological developments are helping it make great strides. Publicizing such achievements will strengthen shipping’s image and attract young people who want to make a difference.