Staying stable

Making sure your stabilizers are kept in top condition ensures reliability and smooth sailing at sea. Operators are now recognizing the many advantages of a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to servicing stabilizers, and how relying on your OEM can be of great benefit.

Green Technology
Fuel in flux

On January 1, 2020, the IMO’s new limit on sulfur content in fuel oil will come into force. This presents a complex challenge for ship owners. Deciding how to comply in the most cost-effective way will have major implications for the future. There are numerous options to take—but finding the right path depends on various factors.

3D printing in shipping

3D printing is already revolutionizing the automotive and aerospace industries by accelerating innovation at lower costs. Shipping, however, has been slower to embrace the technology. Is the sector missing opportunities as a result?

SMM: Technology highlights

There are transformative times ahead for the shipping industry, as digitization and increased environmental awareness continue to make waves in the sector. At SMM 2018, over 2,200 exhibitors presented the most pressing issues and showcased their solutions. Here are some selected highlights.

Engineering Practice
Keep it separated

MARPOL Annex I sets out various regulations to prevent oil pollution at sea. There are numerous technologies and methodologies shipowners can utilize to comply with these guidelines. This article explores a method that’s growing in popularity: integrated bilge water treatment systems.

Marine News
Gender diversity in shipping

Only a very small percentage of the maritime industry’s workforce is female. Although some efforts have been made to change this, gender equality is still a long way away. With a shortage of qualified personnel in the sector, inviting and supporting more women to pursue maritime careers is both necessary and overdue.