Marine News
Possible deadline extension?

The ballast water management convention originally due to come into effect this September could be pushed back to September 2019. This extension has been requested by Brazil, Cook Islands, India, Liberia, Norway, and the UK. The flag states have submitted a document for discussion at MEPC 71 this July.

Please explore responsibly

Humans have explored the North Pole for millennia. Although the Arctic Circle can no longer be classified as uncharted, it continues to entice adventurers with its rugged, enigmatic appeal. But a more recent development is that polar cruises have been made much safer and more sustainable.

Bolting forward

Bolts connecting flanges at a shaft on a vessel are vital to ships. Throughout their lifecycle, they require replacing and refitting when service is performed on the flange connection. The resulting downtime can cause operators a real headache. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The next generation of hydraulic bolts for rotating flanges improves on previous designs and more effectively addresses issues that have troubled the maritime industry for years.

Engineering Practice
Motoring On

Electric motors and generators are key components of propulsion for vessels—generating the power they need to function and driving important rotating machinery. However, if they need replacing or repairing—especially unexpectedly—this can cause huge issues and disruptions to service. Having a clear picture of machine health enables operators to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Winter is coming

In late December, the temperatures start to plummet in the northern regions of the United States. Every year, winter takes an icy hold on the Great Lakes. As the water freezes, large sections of the lakes become unnavigable. So what happens to hundreds of vessels that sail there?