Marine News
Possible deadline extension?

The ballast water management convention originally due to come into effect this September could be pushed back to September 2019. This extension has been requested by Brazil, Cook Islands, India, Liberia, Norway, and the UK. The flag states have submitted a document for discussion at MEPC 71 this July.

Please explore responsibly

Humans have explored the North Pole for millennia. Although the Arctic Circle can no longer be classified as uncharted, it continues to entice adventurers with its rugged, enigmatic appeal. But a more recent development is that polar cruises have been made much safer and more sustainable.

Bolting forward

Bolts connecting flanges at a shaft on a vessel are vital to ships. Throughout their lifecycle, they require replacing and refitting when service is performed on the flange connection. The resulting downtime can cause operators a real headache. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The next generation of hydraulic bolts for rotating flanges improves on previous designs and more effectively addresses issues that have troubled the maritime industry for years.

Blue by name; green by nature

Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict—and failure to comply results in heavy fines. With new MARPOL air pollution regulations coming into force in 2020, shipowners need to act now. There are a number of ways to avoid these penalties and mitigate the effects of global warming, shipowners require a state-of-the-art emission monitoring system.

Marine News
The specialists in high demand

A trimmed tanker in a Norwegian fjord: two service technicians, both of whom have just arrived from Hamburg, work on an exposed propeller. Less than 24 hours later, they have repaired the faulty shaft seal. And while the ship sails on to its destination, the technicians fly to their next assignment—one is needed in Shanghai, the other in Cape Town.

Secure at sea

A breakdown at sea can quickly become very costly due to service disruption, repairs, and downtime. This is the reason many ship operators use condition monitoring (CM) to spot potential issues before they become a real problem. SKF worked with a shipping company to tailor an effective CM solution that offers peace of mind for the future.