In Focus
17 goals for a brighter future

As part of its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations has defined 17 goals to improve life on earth and tackle climate change. The IMO works to support these Sustainable Development Goals in the maritime industry and to protect our oceans.

Green Technology
At last, rotor sails are back

After almost 100 years, a long-promising invention might finally change the industry. The first rotor sail-powered vessel crossed the Atlantic in the 1920s. Now, almost 100 years later, the technology is bringing valuable savings to an industry searching for ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Great Expectations

Most of us keep some form of household cleaner with ammonia sitting under our kitchen sinks. It waits there to help wipe up the next spill on our counter or remove dust on a mirror. Now the maritime industry is looking to use this common chemical to provide a sustainable energy solution for the future.

Engineering Practice
Smooth operator

Through scientific exploration and testing, research vessels play a valuable role in determining the state of the oceans. The world’s largest research vessel is in development and will enter service in 2020. Discover how retractable fin stabilizers will keep this new ship steady at zero speed and whilst underway.

Marine News
2020 cruise industry trends

The cruise ship sector continues to boom, with around 32 million passengers expected to opt for a maritime vacation in 2020—a 2 million increase compared to 2019. As climate change dominates media coverage, companies are upping their efforts to meet environmental goals by rapidly adopting clean technologies. What can we expect in 2020?