In Focus
Battle of the ballast

Back in September 2017, the IMO reached a major milestone in modern maritime history: Its long-awaited Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention finally came into force. This international treaty will have a profound impact on the industry for years to come. Get the answers to key ballast water questions in this FAQ.

Green Technology
Clean power: fuel cells

In preparation for the upcoming MARPOL regulations, the maritime industry is looking at cleaner methods of propulsion. LNG, methanol, renewable energies—many options for greener shipping are undergoing development in the industry. In this first post of a short series, we explore the outsider in the race: fuel cells.

Seasonal highlights

As the holidays approach, thoughts turn to the year ahead but not before reflecting on the year that has passed. In this article, we highlight successes from the maritime industry in 2018 that are sure to influence the sector for years to come.

Engineering Practice
The perfect fit

Updated regulations are helping the maritime industry to clean up its act and reduce its impact on the environment. However, they sometimes require entire fleets to be retrofitted. Laser measurement and 3D scanning technology help make this process more efficient and more accurate.

Marine News
Changing with the seasons

As 2018 comes to a close, we reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. During the lead up to the holiday season, Engineering at Sea will be sharing daily posts that highlight significant moments and successes in the maritime industry this year and expectations for 2019. So, what can you look forward to?