In Focus
Well-balanced partners

Compliance with the BWM Convention is one of the biggest concerns for shipowners at present. With such a major investment at hand, it is crucial to be sure you are making the right decisions. And for ballast water management systems, the choice of supplier can be just as significant as the technology itself.

Green Technology
Clean power: hydrogen

Hydrogen is everywhere. Not just here on Earth, but it is the most common element in the known universe. It has a high energy density. It releases zero emissions, which is very important back here on Earth. As the maritime industry works to reduce sulfur emissions, could hydrogen be the answer?

Sensing a shift

Digitalization of industries has been a concern for the maritime industry for some time now. A traditionally analogue sector, it has been relatively conservative towards adopting the technologies that are revolutionizing other markets. Yet it seems the tides are turning as a huge number of exciting technologies are increasing in prevalence.

Engineering Practice
Shipyard support

When a ship comes into dry dock, downtime and delays can lead to enormous costs. Shipowners and shipyards must react fast to solve any issues. To accelerate response times and gain access to high-precision repair services, shipyards are forging partnerships with suppliers.

Marine News
From strength to strength

A year on from our ‘Bright Horizons’ article, we reexamine some of the trends and technologies impacting the cruise sector. How are operators coping with growing demand? Could regulatory policies provide a stumbling block for growth? Or is it plain sailing for the cruise industry?