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Celebrate with us! On September 1, the Engineering at Sea hub will be one year old and we’re marking the occasion with a competition. Do you enjoy our content and like to read our posts? Well, we want you to get involved. All you need to do is send us a birthday message with a […]

Please explore responsibly

Humans have explored the North Pole for millennia. Although the Arctic Circle can no longer be classified as uncharted, it continues to entice adventurers with its rugged, enigmatic appeal. But a more recent development is that polar cruises have been made much safer and more sustainable.

Green Technology
The Green Award

Safety and the environment are increasingly pertinent issues in the maritime industry. Rules and regulations that aim to ensure safer, cleaner operations are constantly coming into effect. While these force companies to meet certain targets, one particular initiative encourages them to go above and beyond.

Engineering Practice
Knowledge is power

An electric motor on a ship keeps failing due to insulation issues—but no one knows what’s causing them. Without an understanding of machine health, the reason for a recurring insulation problem isn’t always clear. Enter dynamic monitoring: the latest technology-based method that provides ship operators with a clear picture of what’s happening with their machinery and why.

Winter is coming

In late December, the temperatures start to plummet in the northern regions of the United States. Every year, winter takes an icy hold on the Great Lakes. As the water freezes, large sections of the lakes become unnavigable. So what happens to hundreds of vessels that sail there?