In Focus
BWMS by design

For shipping companies, ballast water management is an ever-increasing challenge in view of stricter regulations. More and more treatment technologies are entering the market, supporting shipping companies with more options for compliance. But there are many factors to consider when searching for the right one.

Green Technology
Clean power: hydrogen

Hydrogen is everywhere. Not just here on Earth, but it is the most common element in the known universe. It has a high energy density. It releases zero emissions, which is very important back here on Earth. As the maritime industry works to reduce sulfur emissions, could hydrogen be the answer?

Digitizing design

New innovative technologies are reshaping the industry, offering new ways for shipping companies to enhance processes and boost efficiency. Among these innovations: digital twins. The technology has seen a rise in many areas of maritime, but what purpose does it serve exactly?

Engineering Practice
Fit-out for the future

To keep vessels fitted out with up-to-date equipment, it’s sometimes necessary to perform an overhaul. Wanting to move to newer technology, a Danish shipowner called on an OEM service team for a fin stabilizer modification and a customized sterntube solution.

Marine News
From strength to strength

A year on from our ‘Bright Horizons’ article, we reexamine some of the trends and technologies impacting the cruise sector. How are operators coping with growing demand? Could regulatory policies provide a stumbling block for growth? Or is it plain sailing for the cruise industry?