In Focus
BWMS decision time

With deadlines on the horizon, shipping companies face the task of complying with ballast water regulations. What options do you have to tackle the challenge of compliance? Here we’ll examine ballast water treatment systems and what shipping companies should look for when selecting the right one.

Green Technology
Clean power: LNG

Natural gas is emerging as a leading alternative to heavy fuel oils as shipping companies continue to seek cleaner methods of propulsion. In this installment of our ‘clean power’ series, we ask: is it too soon to “dash to gas”?

Digitizing design

New innovative technologies are reshaping the industry, offering new ways for shipping companies to enhance processes and boost efficiency. Among these innovations: digital twins. The technology has seen a rise in many areas of maritime, but what purpose does it serve exactly?

Engineering Practice
The perfect fit

Updated regulations are helping the maritime industry to clean up its act and reduce its impact on the environment. However, they sometimes require entire fleets to be retrofitted. Laser measurement and 3D scanning technology help make this process more efficient and more accurate.

Marine News
From strength to strength

A year on from our ‘Bright Horizons’ article, we reexamine some of the trends and technologies impacting the cruise sector. How are operators coping with growing demand? Could regulatory policies provide a stumbling block for growth? Or is it plain sailing for the cruise industry?