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Having been around for roughly two decades, social media has cemented its place in modern life. Although still mainly used for entertainment purposes, it is gaining credibility as a means of sharing knowledge. Experts in technical industries such as maritime engineering are opening their eyes to its potential as an instructional tool.

Marine News
Update: Vessel General Permit

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it aims to release a new draft Vessel General Permit (also known as VGP 2018) by late summer 2017. The regulations will take effect when the current VGP expires on December 19, 2018.

DSC set for launch

Since the prototype was first tested in early 2016, the Dynamic Stabilizer Cover has undergone significant improvements. It should hit the market in mid-2017 for retrofitting and can also be installed in newly built ships. The cost-effective cover cuts fuel consumption by reducing water resistance on the fin stabilizer’s opening.

Engineering Practice
Breaking out of the crisis

They may be direct competitors, but they are also dependent on each other. How will the relationship between Asian and European shipping companies develop? Martin Johannsmann, CEO of SKF Marine, answers this question in the fifth and final installment of the “Maritime Trends” series.

Digitizing ship repairs

The current situation in the maritime industry means ship owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs—while increasing safety and reliability. A condition-based maintenance strategy could help. But how does it work? And how can ship owners implement it successfully?