In Focus
Foul play

Biofouling is an old and well-known problem that has plagued every shipowner. The accumulation of plants, animals, and bacteria on ship hulls costs the industry billions of dollars per year. Now, as ballast water management is squarely in focus, regulatory bodies are turning more attention to the environmental impact of biofouling.

Green Technology
Challenge 2020

The IMO is spearheading environmental efforts in the maritime industry. Among these, two prominent examples are the 2020 sulfur cap and ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases. What can the industry do to keep up with environmental targets for 2020 and beyond?

Under the sea

The quest to learn more about our ocean parallels the explorative efforts in outer space. It is no coincidence, then, that we are finding new ways to go where no one has gone before under our seas. With digital technologies changing the marine industry, a shift toward autonomous vehicles has begun and they are beginning to prove their worth.

Engineering Practice
Smooth operator

Through scientific exploration and testing, research vessels play a valuable role in determining the state of the oceans. The world’s largest research vessel is in development and will enter service in 2020. Discover how retractable fin stabilizers will keep this new ship steady at zero speed and whilst underway.

Marine News
Sulfur limit debate continues

Exhaust gas scrubbers and LNG are two of the most debated options for compliance with the IMO 2020 sulfur limit at present. However, recent developments, such as port bans on open-loop scrubbers, are causing confusion. How do these two compliance options measure up against each other?