Marine News
A change in command

As of January 1, 2017, David Johansson takes the helm as the new director of the marine business unit at SKF. Will this mark a change in strategic approach? We spoke to him to get an insight into his background, strategy, and views on the industry as a whole.

Green Technology
Under the microscope

On any vessel, seals are exposed to extremely demanding conditions. To ensure they last, it is vital that they are lubricated with the right oil. However, before an oil is approved for use, it must be subjected to thorough testing.

Reliability in sight

Condition based maintenance (CBM) and condition monitoring (CM) are the future of the shipping industry. They offer ship operators the most efficient way to manage and plan maintenance. New software is redefining machine condition monitoring by supporting ship owners to take a proactive approach.

Engineering Practice
Sailing on the safe side

Shipowners and operators are under pressure to reduce costs. As a result, some choose to source spare parts from third-party providers. But this is a risk. This article covers two specific examples of how OEM replacement parts help keep you on the safe side.

Secure at sea

A breakdown at sea can quickly become very costly due to service disruption, repairs, and downtime. This is the reason many ship operators use condition monitoring (CM) to spot potential issues before they become a real problem. SKF worked with a shipping company to tailor an effective CM solution that offers peace of mind for the future.