In Focus
BWM: Forecasting the future

We predict deals, detentions, and data. But what else could the future hold for shipping companies as they seek compliance? For BWMS manufacturers as they attempt to stand out in a burgeoning market? And authorities as they begin their clamp down? We are anticipating an eventful few years…

Green Technology
Clean power: hydrogen

Hydrogen is everywhere. Not just here on Earth, but it is the most common element in the known universe. It has a high energy density. It releases zero emissions, which is very important back here on Earth. As the maritime industry works to reduce sulfur emissions, could hydrogen be the answer?

Sensing a shift

Digitalization of industries has been a concern for the maritime industry for some time now. A traditionally analogue sector, it has been relatively conservative towards adopting the technologies that are revolutionizing other markets. Yet it seems the tides are turning as a huge number of exciting technologies are increasing in prevalence.

Engineering Practice
Smooth operator

Through scientific exploration and testing, research vessels play a valuable role in determining the state of the oceans. The world’s largest research vessel is in development and will enter service in 2020. Discover how retractable fin stabilizers will keep this new ship steady at zero speed and whilst underway.

Marine News
The war of the waves

In an interconnected world, information is only ever a click away. Yet somehow, we enter a period of ambiguity. Some sociopolitical and geopolitical issues affect the shipping industry in ways that go undocumented in world media. We attempt to restore clarity over three political issues that are impacting our industry.