Webinar: lubrication strategy

Over 50% of premature bearing failures are a direct result of poor lubrication. With the right lubrication program and the technology to support it, you can prevent downtime and reduce costs. The SKF lubrication webinar will help you form a strategy for efficient and reliable fleet operation.

Green Technology
Small waves, big impact

Changes have been made to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), affecting all member states. The amendments cover topics including data reporting of fuel oil consumption and garbage classification to make way for cleaner shipping in the future. So what’s new?

Engineering Practice
Plain sailing

Marine engineering projects are often very complex and large in scope. The number of people involved, globality, and duration of projects all mean that everyone involved must maintain a comprehensive overview. Project management plays a crucial role—and it should always be considered when choosing a supplier.

Marine News
Event guide: Posidonia 2018

From June 4–8, the Posidonia shipping expo will take place in Athens, Greece. Shipping companies gather here every two years to present and discuss the latest innovations in the maritime industry. But if you’re looking to take some leisure time during your trade fair visit, we have a few suggestions.

Engineering Practice
A brief history of Turbulo

Let’s dive deep into the archives of Turbulo—which is considered to be the first de-oiling technology. Here is the story of how it was developed, how it evolved over the decades, and why its reliability is so important for many vessels today.