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Engineering at Sea takes time to review the last twelve months before looking ahead to the New Year. We’ve got plenty planned for 2018, but our main focus will be you…

 Waving goodbye to the festivities

Now that our seasonal countdown has ended, Engineering at Sea would like to thank everyone that took part. The campaign had many highlights, such as the St. Nicholas Day tweet, and our followers particularly enjoyed the Please Explore Responsibly post. Entering 2018, we are ready to get going with a brand-new series of articles for you to look forward to.

The year in review

Before moving forward into the new year, we would like to reflect on some of the highlights from 2017. The Engineering at Sea hub posted over 50 articles last year, covering a range of topics such as greener propulsion methods, digital pirates, and automated lubrication for improved bearing performance. Engineering at Sea also had its first birthday in 2017, which our readers helped celebrate – it was great to see your pictures!

We enjoy being part of the international maritime community and sincerely thank you for supporting us. Last year alone, we received 39,500 visits to the hub and the number of our returning readers increased to over 10,000 – we now have visitors in over 150 different countries. As a marine engineering blog, we are in a niche market and so we are overwhelmed by these figures. We could not have asked for more!

Putting you in the spotlight

Engineering at Sea has been active on social media since our beginning. We value our following and thoroughly enjoy acting as a central meeting point for information and conversation in the maritime industry. That’s why in 2018 we will be focusing more on interaction with our readers.

Help shape Engineering at Sea by:

  • Connecting with other people in the network: Engineering at Sea has an ever-increasing following on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – where we have over 2,000 followers. Visit our social media channels to communicate not only with us, but also a growing network of maritime enthusiasts.
  • Getting involved in our content creation process: Let us know what themes you would like to see on our hub. We will be paying close attention to feedback and suggestions in order to deliver content that’s tailored to you.

To contribute ideas for future articles, or if you are looking for something you think we can help you with, get in touch directly via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you.

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