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Our five most popular articles of 2017

Throughout 2017, our Engineering at Sea hub has covered many maritime topics, including technology, new regulations, and innovative engineering practices. But which articles have been most popular with our readers over the last year? Here is our countdown of the five most read articles from 2017.
  1. Maritime enters the drone age

Drones are starting to play a more active role in the maritime industry and assist organizations, such as Maersk, with inspections and diagnostics. They can even help analyze emission levels. Read how.


  1. Space craft

Oil-water separators are vital on modern ships, particularly in light of increasingly strict environmental regulations. Limited space on board vessels means crews require a compact solution: The Turbulo Mechanical Phase Breaker (TMPB).


  1. Specialists in high demand

When a ship breaks down, there can be disastrous consequences. For this reason, OEMs deploy specially trained service technicians who are available whenever and wherever needed to keep downtime to a minimum.


  1. Bolting forward

Bolts connecting flange couplings bear a lot of strain throughout their service life. However, mounting and dismounting these components is often a time-consuming task. Enter the next generation of hydraulic bolts for rotating flanges.


  1. Preventing wire rope corrosion

Lubrication can help protect wire rope on ships from the extremely low temperatures in the Arctic Circle. But what about the environmental impact of these lubricants? Automated lubrication systems keep ship components in top condition without harming this sensitive marine environment.


Forecast for 2018

Everyone involved with Engineering at Sea would like to thank you for supporting the hub over the last year. We have plenty planned for 2018, including a new series of webinars.

You can also look forward to articles on topics including global shipping routes, how to avoid damage caused by misaligned propeller shafts, and a real-life case of installing an underwater stabilizer on a luxury cruise liner—so stay tuned!

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