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Webinar: lubrication strategy

Improve your fleet reliability through lubrication

Over 50% of premature bearing failures are a direct result of poor lubrication. With the right lubrication program and the technology to support it, you can prevent downtime and reduce costs. The SKF lubrication webinar will help you form a strategy for efficient and reliable fleet operation.

Lubrication is crucial to the performance of machinery. The right lubrication strategy can minimize maintenance costs and increase reliability—and should be a priority for any operator. Manual lubrication, single-point, or centralized automatic lubrication: There are a number of approaches to lubrication that sometimes make it unclear for ship operators to know which one is ideal for them. SKF will be offering insights and specialist tips for finding the right approach in a lubrication webinar.

Hear advice from the experts

The session will take place on May 30, 2018. A lubrication specialist will be discussing the subject in depth to help operators better understand the technologies available and discover ways to carry out lubrication more effectively. If you would like to join the webinar, simply register your email address below—it’s completely free!

Free insights into marine lubrication:

Register for the webinar here.

A few key elements of the webinar

An SKF expert will offer detailed information and advice to help you:


  • Understand which lubrication solutions best suit your needs
  • Implement a lubrication strategy that improves both performance and efficiency
  • Learn best practices based on our experience and real-life examples


Did you see the last SKF webinar?

In November 2017, SKF held a webinar on condition-based maintenance and how it can reduce costs and prevent downtime. The webinar offered advice for condition monitoring solutions and the core elements of a successful predictive maintenance strategy. Click the link below if you would like a recording of the webinar or a detailed expert paper of all information covered.

To overview of condition-based maintenance webinar

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